Every process is unique.  
But they all have one thing in common:

Change happens where people break new ground. And it makes us proud to develop and implement strategies together with teams from the fashion and lifestyle industry - for example in these cases:

Case Studies

Case Studies


Team Retail Excellence gets to the point quickly

provides simple solutions 
and great  Momentum for implementaion. TRE fits us.

Alexander Gedat
Former CEO Marc O`Polo

Team Retail Excellence has the attidtude, competence and methodology to inspire people in the company. I can sense among the employees that something has really changed. This has a very positive influence on everything we do.

Dr. Daniel Gutting
CEO Tri-Style Mode GmbH

Team Retail Excellence applies

modern and agile Methods to  empower and develop  employees.

Dr. Gernot Lenz
CEO Tom Tailor Group


Transformation happens step by step. And we accompany each one of them until the change has taken hold - in products, processes and minds. For example with these customers: