Did you know,
that 70%

of all strategic consultations fail in the implementation?

To ensure that the transformation of your organization is successful and enduring, we accompany the entire process. Not only do we have different toolboxes in our luggage, from which we select the right methods for your project. We also share our experience in management, coaching and corporate development and focus on pragmatic, individual and personal consulting.


By playing 

BRANCH cOMPETENce AND CHANGE cOMPETENce together, we create Transformation.

Products and Competencies

We succeed in transformation by combining branch and methodological expertise.

Supplychain Management
Procurement Market Management
DTC Strategy
Organisational Development
Retail Portfolio Development
Corporate Culture Development
Development of Potential in Sales
Multichannel Management
Sales Process Optimisation
Optimisation of Structure and Process Costs
Assortment Management
Global Sourcing


Corporate development does not happen through a POWERPOINT PRESENTATION, BUT RATHER BY conviction and enthusiasm of everyone involved. We take care of that!

Wolfgang Wanning, Managing Director
Team Retail Excellence




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