What we DO



With our long-standing partner Naturefund e.V., we regularly have the chance to actively contribute to environmental protection and learn, such as with the #Madagascar project. In the wake of climate change, Naturefund is buying land to preserve habitat for the diversity of species, increasing forests and reforesting.

Being hands-on and supporting projects not only through compensations fits with our values and credo " first make an experience, and then you know what it is ".

At our last ESG Day with Naturefund we could see - while working on a dynamic agroforestry - that a natural meadow is like a cool team: dynamic, flexible, creative and diverse.

No rigid rules, but a lively interplay of individualities. Each team member contributes their unique strengths and together we flourish. Diversity and creativity make us strong and resilient. Together we rock the retail world!




Travelling- our greatest lever

As good as it may be to work remotely, face-to-face encounters still remain important in our projects.

This means that travel - albeit reduced - remains an integral part of our work. Of course, we want to address this in a climate-conscious way.

30% of our cars already run exclusively on green electricity, the remaining company fleet will be "used up" and after that there will be no more combustion engines for company cars at TRE. Until then, we are very happy to take the train. We only use flights when there is really no other way.

Our once weekly Friday meetings in Düsseldorf are now 80% remote, but we make the most of the remaining 20% and use the live meetings for creativity and exchange.  

Oh, and hotels should be clean and cozy so that we are fit for our projects, but apart from a nice reception we don't need any other resource-intensive extras.



Why we established the USI (UmweltSauIndex)* at TRE

We established the UmweltSauIndex (short: USI) as an elementary KPI for Team Retail Excellence GmbH, which refers to the Co2 costs per consultant day.

Currently, we manage to consume less than in previous years through consistent train travel, e-cars and a higher #homeoffice frequency. Compared to 2016, we could even reduce the Co2 footprint by 2/3 ❗️ This year's consumption we repeatedly compensate with our partner Naturefund e. V. in a great project in #Madagascar - with a factor of 3!

And despite the considerable reduction, we as consultants are simply on the road a lot. That's part of our approach and deeply embedded in our DNA. Via rail travel and remote meetings where it makes sense, we can actually count our air travel this year on 4 hands.

In order to gradually bring down the USI, a key measure is also the end of the combustion engine in our fleet. 

Have you already calculated your CO2 balance this year?


We cling to our resources

Mindfulness in all aspects is a must.


🖊️ Neuland ➡️ We recharge our markers 

📃 We actually only use paper in workshops

🍽️ Catering leftovers at workshops end up in Tupperware boxes  

💡 Our lamps light up with (real) green electricity

🖇️ We happily share our beautiful office with our TRE network so that space is used as much as possible

It is not only for what we do

that we are held responsible,


for what we do not do.