Vision, Mission, Values

Vision, Mission, Values

Every journey begins with the first step: The successful transformation of an international retailer.

Starting Point

The starting point

For years, a leading international retailer focused on optimising results, but somewhat neglected long-term business development. But then a new management came in and wanted to work out the importance of a clear corporate purpose and meaningfulness for the employees and a successful future for the company. They wanted to develop a new vision, ensure that all employees could identify with the vision and bring about a comprehensive change.


The challenge

The management had a rough idea of where the journey should go, but the vision was not yet fully developed. The company culture was strongly characterised by operational priorities and a top-down hierarchy, which made transformation difficult. The challenge was to get the company's strategy into the minds and hearts of the employees and to foster respectful, courageous and focused cooperation.


What has been done?

The entire top management has been invited to an inspiring workshop series to work together on vision, mission and values. The process involved intense discussion, deliberation and negotiation until a common agreement was reached on the desired vision, motivating mission and values of the company. Feedback was taken on board and considered in real time, and the values were strengthened by personal experiences of the employees.

In addition, top management undertook a kind of roadshow through the international organisation, holding full-day and half-day workshops to integrate the vision, mission and values even more deeply into the organisation. The managing directors personally took time to receive questions and comments from the staff. This appreciation was perceived as a special gesture.


What has been achieved?

The process led to an agreement by the management team on a new way of working together, characterised by appreciation, courage and focus. The values serve as guidelines when it comes to maintaining the courage and the focus. A new awareness emerged that challenging each other in terms of content and personal appreciation do not exclude each other, but rather pave the way to more creativity as well as new and better solutions. The entire organisation received orientation and motivation through the vision and values, which created the conditions for a successful transformation.


Our role:

Our role was to develop the framework for the transformation and to facilitate and accompany the process. In doing so, we used about 70% of our time as transformers to work systemically with the client. Our sector expertise enabled us to speak the client's language, to inspire and to challenge. However, our change competence and know-how in appropriate methods was particularly important to enable the client to successfully implement such a fundamental change and create enthusiasm for it.