Procurement Management


The synergy of best forces for an excellent solution.

Starting Point

The starting point


A vertical fashion retailer has been on a successful growth course for over 20 years and now has over 1,000 stores. The company generates a very good return on investment and is an attractive employer.


The challenge

Business processes and systems cannot keep pace with growth. Purchasing and space management are not integrated and are increasingly affecting store productivity. Processes and organization are not ready for the strategically required differentiation from the competition.

A group of junior managers is demanding change and challenging tasks. This group should be prepared for the next level through attractive challenges and retained in the company at all costs.


What has been done?

For the project task, the customer releases the junior managers for 6 months at 50% and makes an attractive team target agreement. The management board assigns TRE the methodical project responsibility and the task to develop the internal resources in a targeted way. Together we are responsible for the content.

The task: "Realignment of the core business processes".

  • TRE structures the approach
  • provides project management techniques, 
  • coaches the team members
  • and brings in best practices of the retail industry. 

Together, we develop a new process and organizational architecture and describe key requirements and necessary changes for future systems.

Core elements of the reorientation:

  • Establishment of "purchase in the retail surface".
  • Development of additive assortments according to modules and formats
  • Use of assortment framework planning
  • New understanding of the roles of purchasing, merchandise management and sales
  • Derived new business processes


What did we achieve?

After four months of efficient project work, the new conception is decided and the implementation preparation is completed. Almost all decision templates can be implemented directly and are the basis for the subsequent ERP implementation.

The project members emerge strengthened and motivated, enthusiastic about the cooperative collaboration with TRE.

The management appreciates the efficient project work and the pragmatic solutions. The reorganization creates room for further expansion. Most importantly, by involving the key players, the organization stands behind the new solutions from the very beginning.