Inspirational Retailing in 2014

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Inspirational Retailing in 2014

Mittwoch, 1. Januar 2014

2013 had many great and successful retailers, Caine Monroy is our “Retailer of the Year”. Caine is only 10 years, but his creativity & determination as arcade owner and retailer already got a large global and prominent audience. Caine’s youtubes were watched by more 8mn viewers, US TV stations picked up his story, “Forbes” explained why Caine will be a future Billionaire and Justin Timberlake tweeted “my new favourite entre­pre­neur”.

If you haven’t stumbled into his story yet, use some quality time today to visit Caine’s Arcade and to get your own shot of inspiration what determination and creativity can create. Caine’s story is a modern internet boosted fairy tale and the creativity his case created is at least as interesting the boy’s story itself. There is the story about the movie and how Caine’s arcade became viral, there is the story why Bill Clintons’ bodyguard breached the security rules or how kids in 46 countries got infected to start a cardboard challenge. All stories carry one great message: Your creativity can be inspiration to many other, it is worth to have some determination in what you do.

We hope 2013 has been for you as it has been for Caine: exiting and inspiring, and your determination paid off many times. 2013 has been rewarding to us and we like to thank all our retail friends & customers for their support. We look forward to 2014 and more inspiring projects & stories and wish you all a successful 2014.

In case your plans for 2014 or your New Year’s resolution still has some rom for inspiration, we like to share one more time from Caine and his lessons learned in 2013*:

  1. Be nice to customers. 

  2. Do a business that is fun. 

  3. Do not give up. (Caine circled and underlined it three times) 

  4. Start with what you have.

  5. Use recycled stuff.

*Noted on an AF barf bag when returning from a trip to France last summer.

An inspiring 2014 from

retail intrapreneur & Team Retail Excellence