Our Commitment

Leaving our mark – but not on the natural environment.

Entrepreneurial action means acting sustainably.

Creating good conditions – for both mankind and nature. The same passion that we at TRE put into our professional lives and our projects also applies to the people we work with and the environment. This is why we are dedicated not only to entrepreneurial success, but also to matters affecting people and nature. We want to actively contribute our skills and know-how as well as our financial support to society as a whole, in the service not only of individual companies, but also of the greater good.

Minimizing our CO2 footprint. Securing a high degree of mobility is part of our job. And it ensures that, for our customers, we can always be exactly where we are needed. Often, great consumption of energy and resources is the negative aspect of this flexibility. We are quite aware of this, and regard it as our personal responsibility to minimize this effect.

Since 2009, we have been calculating our CO2 emissions for business trips and for our office. Whenever reasonable, we use public means of transport. In 2016, we covered 20% of our travels by train. In addition, in 2010, we found an ideal partner for our CO2 compensation in the shape of Naturefund. We are now involved in this forest network as sponsors for a project in Madagascar.