Experiences of our first remote strategy meeting

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Experiences of our first remote strategy meeting

Tuesday, 24. March 2020
Wolgang Wanning - Corporate Developer TRE


Originally, Team Retail Excellence had planned a 2-day strategy meeting with Rose-Bikes Digital, which could not take place because of Corona.

“Couldn’t we do it digitally? I wouldn’t want to put it off for 8 weeks – we have to prepare NOW for the time after Corona”. That’s what Marcus Diekmann, CEO of Rose Bikes, asked.

We therefore methodically/technically modified the strategy meeting and carried it out via video call. It worked amazingly well! We have made the following experiences:



  • More efficiency and discipline
  • More punctuality: „I was held up in the hallway” or “More coffee anyone?” are omitted or significantly disturb
  • Quicker start: less small talk
  • At eye level: “every window” is the same size – whether CEO or keeper of the minutes
  • Less cutting off the speech – people let each other finish
  • No distraction or differentiation by optical stimuli like clothes, perfume, people moving around the room (standing up, signal like leaning back, crossing legs, tapping with fingers)
  • More focus
  • Remotely everyone can see what’s written equally well – better than on a flipchart!



  • Small talk, joint coffee, meeting in the sun might not be too efficient, but are good for the team building
  • Creative teamwork is less emotional
  • Conversations sometimes seem more reserved
  • The moderator can’t work with spatial shifting
  • Dependent on technology – even workshop experts have to learn which tools can be applied best
  • A whole day of remote means a whole day of rectangular view and sitting - quite unhealthy


What does that mean for next time?

  • Learning the technology and practise
  • Modify and adapt workshop techniques
  • Rather more, but shorter workshops than one long one (4 hours max)
  • There needs to be a team of two moderators, so that it is possible to visually develop quickly and well structured


Is this the only way I want to do it from now on? No way – a lot of team dynamics is lost. But as an additional tool? Sensational!

A big “Thank You” to the Rose Bikes team that you started this pilot with us. As always: you are pioneers. We are looking forward to the next remote workshop already scheduled.


I am looking forward to some interesting exchange and your experiences!



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