A different perspective on Corona ... a virus creates focus!

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A different perspective on Corona ... a virus creates focus!

Monday, 9. March 2020
by Marcus Sewtz - Corporate Developer TRE


This week in the strategy workshop. Of course, the meeting started with small talk about the corona virus and everyone had a different opinion about how it will turn out. From "totally overrated" to "this is going to be a huge crash", everything was there. The result: Nobody really knows - everything is possible.

Then we started the strategic discussion and one part of the workshop was the evaluation of the strategic initiatives. The individual initiatives were prioritized. And what came out? Everything is important and must be continued. The one project that is now officially stopped was already on hold anyway. It's a pity, actually one of the goals was to create more focus.



But then Corona came up again! The CEO asked: "what if Corona really strikes and is not gone in a few weeks?" First the discussion started again from the beginning, everyone had their own opinion, but then the story took off. "Don't we have to focus much more consistently on our real core - where we really have real prospects?" Don't we have to look immediately where we can drop ballast, become more efficient and faster?"

And then we worked on the initiative matrix again and deleted it massively. The result was an extremely valuable discussion about what is really important and what is not! Bold decisions were made that will make the company more successful. Finally, the focus was on focus!

As so often in life, perhaps in the case of Corona you can find something good in the bad too. Namely the chance to make long overdue decisions, to throw off ballast and thus create the conditions for future success. Just a different perspective.