To put retail into action – and put action into retail.

Passion as a driver

At TRE, a passion for entrepreneurship and many years of trade experience ensure one thing above all: substance. We are happy to pass this on, and what we stand for is the pragmatic advancement of processes, the sustainable development of business models and enabling retailers to take action.

Brainwork as a filter

In times of total acceleration and information overload, what is needed is the right filter that enables you to distinguish between the essential and non-essential. There is more than enough know-how available. The question is how to harness it for your own organization and the customer. On a sector-specific basis, we develop for our customers precisely the knowledge components they need for their everyday business: ones that are intelligible, compact, and applicable to new opportunities for action.

Business consultancy is a good thing.
Business development is better.

One step further

Traditional consulting is not enough for us. We don’t just talk about processes – we develop them. That’s why we are not traditional business consultants, but rather corporate developers. And we do it with passion.

All in one

In our team there are no narrow-minded experts. Each TRE manager has relevant know-how at his/her fingertips relating to these four fields: restructuring, management responsibility, consulting and coaching.

Managing the facts of the situation

As corporate developers, we can always tackle purchasing, marketing, sales and strategy at the exact points where our customers need to get things done.

Listening instead of knowing better

Knowledge starts with inquisitiveness.

To gain knowledge, we must first acknowledge our lack of knowledge: we have to listen – and want to. This is rather unusual in the world of traditional management consultants, but it is a key skill that our TRE managers have. Because we are totally convinced that using rigid models and methods to “give advice over the customer’s head” does not produce sustainable success.

Not just numbers

From the CEO down to individual employees from the various levels of the company - everyone can be important when it comes to optimizing processes sustainably. This is why we rely on individual analyses and step-by-step interventions that involve not only the management levels but that develop solutions and visions with all the stakeholders working jointly.

What emerges

SUCCESS In contrast to traditional management consultants, we from TRE do not come with our own project teams and we don’t only want to play our own business game. We look for direct teamwork in the company, form partnerships and share our expertise with our customers’ employees. To enable fresh impetus and the joint development and shaping of new milestones and targets, not only at management level but in all the departments.

Excellent results.


What applies to every good company also applies to TRE: our team members and their approach are our best tool. Because they are excellently trained, experienced and interested – not only in sustainable business success, but also in the people who make success achievable.


We focus our attention on individual analyses. For this purpose, we have developed components and management tools based on our experience. In our organization, the following principle applies: methods are good, customized solutions are better.

We accept it.

Accepting responsibility for achieving success and sustainable solutions is a matter of course for us. Quite simply because – being typical corporate developers – we think and act not only as advisers, but also as entrepreneurs.

An attitude thing

Excellence is a matter of attitude. To achieve exceptional results, we must set higher standards for ourselves. The key to superior performance lies in the will of each individual to put in the efforts needed. In our projects, we work as intensively on content as on the convictions of the employees participating.